A post Halloween post: yummy parfait treats

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend. My son and daughter gathered up so much candy that we are now keeping it inside Steve’s head!! (Steve’s head was a part of my son’s Halloween costume) We have placed all that candy way out of reach and it will probably last us through Christmas. I have to say that sometimes having picky eaters is a good thing because my kids will end up throwing out half of their candy after just one bite, and although I’m not one to promote throwing out food, in this case… I really don’t mind!

After all the Halloween shenanigans subsided and the candy rush wore off my husband and I were really craving a healthier treat. Since it was still Halloween weekend I wanted to stay within the orange/black color scheme, and keeping it really simple and (mostly) healthy this is what we snacked on for a post Halloween treat..  Continue reading